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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on saturday. more in a few minutes. >> the sprinkling of snow is a welcome holiday but had it for others. snow merchants plans work activated this morning. as snow and sleet pelted the region. our coverage continues with jennifer franciotti. >> this is how it started today. and i see a mix of suite coming down over the area. the kind you can hear when it hits. it was the bad weather, not the post-holiday season that most -- had most people hitting the home depot. the ice melt and rock salt were being moved up. >> i am looking for it to freeze tonight. i will be prepared. >> i am trying to get some ice
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milk for my sister. >> the sleet turned into snow. it stuck to the ground and to the roads. >> very dangerous. >> i do not like it at all but it is ok. i will live through it. >> she is not looking forward to the driver had. she wants this to be the last snow of the season. >> it is the day after christmas are you have to have a little bit of snow, right? after friday it has to go way and not come back. >> it looks like this may be the beginning, maybe a week filled with christmas snow. more winter weather is in the forecast for this weekend. >> oh, snow. >> for many, this was the first measurable snow of the year. many on edge and excited at the same time. >> if there is one thing for
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sure, \ \
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>> thunderstorms spawned one tornado that touched down in mobile. you can track the storms anywhere you are. you can see interactive radar and get the updated forecast every day.
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he used a cell phone to make a frantic call for help but when police showed up they arrested dion ware, charging the 20-year- old with murdering his 7-week- old son. >> dion ware was indicted today. a court charging document describes the troubling details. -- details he told police. indicted by grand jury, 20-year- old dion ware remains in central booking. the chargers are second-degree murder, assault, reckless endangerment july and child abuse. ware was found on the front steps with his 7-week-old kearri, asking someone to use their cell phone. he said he met stanton was
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making a strange noise like he was having trouble breathing. he tried to resuscitate him ware realized he was pushing too hard while doing cpr. he admitted holding his son and claimed as he tried to put the child into a playpen the boy fell out of his arms and kearri hit his side and fell to the hardwood floor. we're told he picked up his son and wiped his face and put him in the playpen.
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>> a store employee shot and killed someone who entered the store on baltimore and annapolis boulevard. the alleged intruder ran out of the store, collapsed and died at the scene. state police say a police officer was forced to shoot and kill a man wielding a hammer. it to happen during a confrontation with three
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officers. we have the latest in westminster. >> authority city officer who is a ford have year veteran -- four and a half year veteran shot the suspect. a phone call from one of the man's parents eventually lead to an unfortunate and deadly confrontation with the officers. officers responded tuesday night after edward becker, jr.'s parent called 911. his father reported his son was drinking and acting out of control. >> he used a hammer to break the windshield of his father's truck. >> becker did not settle down. when theysponded witand got to the scene they approached the subject. he had a hammer in his hand. officers exited their vehicles
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and shouted several times for him to drop the hammer and surrender. police say he refused and continued to approach the officers. >> once he got to within arm's length and raised the hammer, the officer feared for his life and discharged one round of his service weapon, striking him in the upper torso. >> becker was rushed to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. the homicide unit is investigating the case. we attempted to speak to his family. >> i am sure the only reason i made that phone call is if you have a subject with a hammer that could be a danger to others, they're thinking of what he could do to others. there were trying to prevent anything further from happening. >> one neighbor who knew the family described becker as a good man but had a troubled past. according to court records he pleaded guilty to second-degree
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assault and in 2004 he was charged and pleaded guilty for possession of drug paraphernalia. the officer has been placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation which is typical in these cases. >> america drives off that fiscal cliff in a few days. in washington, it appears there is no one try to put up a roadblock. is there time to reach a deal? >> the ravens stick to the plan for rayless. the latest on his status and the road trips in 2013. >> as this big storm winds down, we have another one on the horizon. we check the seven best forecast. some light rain in downtown baltimore. the weather is next.
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>> for retailers this was the weakest shopping season since 2008. electronics and jewelry came in below expectations. retailers are hoping americans go on a post holiday shopping binge. a financial storm of sorts looms tonight as the deadline to avoid having the economy over the fiscal clifton years. as president obama is on his way back to washington, some
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lawmakers are expected to get back to the nation's capital. >> with five days left to reach an agreement, doubts are growing that the white house and republicans can cut a deal in time. after spending part his christmas holiday visiting presidenthow y. hawaii, obama will return to resume talks. formal negotiations have yet to be scheduled. the house will reconvene on thursday. >> we have seen this game played before. it literally came down to the last minute. >> is the country goes over the fiscal cliff, some economists fear the combination of budget cuts and higher taxes could trigger another recession. others say the deadline is not as firm.
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congress could pass a temporary measure early that would roll back any changes. political analysts warn some consequences may be immediate. >> maybe a tremendous response and that would alarm everybody. >> stock prices dropped friday after a republican-led plan collapsed. nearly half of americans are doubtful the two sides can settle their differences. >> when the uncertain. tax rates will go up on 30 million households at least. that is something the politicians are going to respond to. >> house republican leaders called on the senate to pass to bills they said would avoid the fiscal cliff. republicans said the lines of communication are still open but the house will not act until the democratically controlled senate does. >> at the maryland due in baltimore, the african lions were not in their native habitat
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because it was snowing. the weather was so bad that these do closed -- the zoo closed for the day. the snow did not bother the residents of this lion park pret. >> they are tougher than the ones in maryland. we had a couple of inches of snow this morning. we have had snow to sleep to freezing rain to thunderstorms. you name it, we have had it. we have had an inch and a half the tv station. up to 3 inches in westminster. most of that is compressed because of the rain and sleet. up to 3 inches in some areas. the steadiest precipitation has come to an end.
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you can see some heavy rain on the eastern shore. around baltimore, that will be the case through the rest of the evening. it will be windy but the steady rain has come to an end. for mayor is trying to push in from the south. 52 in annapolis, 45 downtown. 35 in parkton. in the suburbs, it is only 32. 30 in hagerstown. if you're watching us up that way, the temperature will be around freezing. you get above that 32-degree mark as we go through the evening. temperatures will go up overnight tonight. the wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. we had a 35 mile an hour gusts in easton. it will stay with the through tonight and into tomorrow as this storm left out. the air world wraparound and the winds may gust up to 30 or 40
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miles per hour. it will be a nice area of high pressure in the short term that will keep things quiet for thursday and friday. as we go into the weekend, another storm on the horizon. this is moving into the rocky mountains. it may visit us on saturday. that one looks interesting as well. perhaps not as much precipitation as this but it will be mostly snow as opposed to a mix of all kinds of different things. the rain is ending and off and on rainshowers for the rest of the night. temperatures are holding steady or rising as we go through the night. maybe rain or snow shower and partly cloudy and windy in the afternoon. the winds may gust up to 40 miles an hour. going into the weekend, and quite beyond friday. the temperature near 42. the next storm on saturday. it does not look as potent as this one but it looks colder. most of the issue will be snow.
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into the new year, things look pretty quiet. a chance of rain or snow on new year's day. that does not look like a big deal. >> this is 11 sports. >> realist the face of the baltimore ravens has been placed on the active 53-man roster. lewis may suit up for a post- season game. they activated lewis from the injured list. he tried in the dallas game and many believed he might not play again. he has other plans. and bernard pollard to return as well.
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it is not an admission but not a game of great consequence. with a big one unopened gift in the form of a wild card round game, a bit of a strange vibe. they looked like the same team that ran all over cincinnati to open the regular season. joe flacco looked like the guy we saw last week against the giants. assume that at the dalton has nightmares about that pass. repeatng up zea performance. how about a look ahead to 2013? where's.he who's and the jets, green bay, minn., and houston. going by the 2012 results, an
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easier road schedule. traveling to chicago, detroit, and denver. dates and times are usually announced in late april. sadness at of college park. the quarterbacks coach -- he was the head coach in college park from 1987 to 1991. making a run to the independence bowl in 1990. the nba basketball dominate the studio. we go first to skylar spence. second half, aztecs did more than hang around. spencer with the slam. this one tight all the way
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through. and entertaining folks. nick johnson with the holiday block. this evening we will learn who is making the pro bowl. there will be several candidates. >> we have a look at the seven- day forecast next.
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>> here is a look at what we're working on for tonight. another winter blast in time for the weekend. as the calendar changes to a new year, several maryland laws will take effect. a few of the major ones likely to have a big impact.
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>> you are going to be busy. >> we had a series of storms and will go with that next weekend. the storm is winding down. the roads are going to be ok. there could be left over rain or snow showers tomorrow. the next storm on saturday and that does not look like it will be a mix. it will be mostly snow. we do not know how much yet. will keep an eye on it and see what happens. that is not like this storm.
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>> a mixed bag.
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